Calliope is comparable to Lil Cal’s name also, whether or not this might be probably way more when you look at the reference to Caliborn

Calliope is comparable to Lil Cal’s name also, whether or not this might be probably way more when you look at the reference to Caliborn

It can be a reference to the book Middlesex where in actuality the intersex protagonist spends the name “Cal” so you’re able to portray the male top and you will “Calliope” otherwise “Callie” in order to portray the feminine side of him or her.

Kalliope (the deity)is the reason symbol is an authorship tablet, such as for instance Calliope’s extremely cherished question try the girl drawing tablet. It reflects her or him becoming a great characterization of your own Homestuck fandom also, because the Homestuck is quite the brand new unbelievable tale and is likely to fool around with poetry occasionally.

She chosen “ uranianUmbra ” while the her on the internet handle because of the girl love for the world Uranus’s book rotation, although when outlining so it to help you Roxy, she actually is not able to recall the phrase for an effective ball’s topspin – inside the pool, the definition of to possess placing a go into the cue golf ball is actually “english”. Umbra is actually Latin to have “shadow” (whence we obtain ‘umbrage’, meaning outrage); inside English, it does imply a similar, but always refers particularly with the darkest part of a trace. ‘UU’ including finishes new DNA motif of all almost every other chumhandles/trolltags, representing uracil.

The word “uranian” try a 19th-millennium identity dealing with a “lady mind in a male human body”. Whether or not Calliope isn’t officially in a masculine system, you, after, falls under her equal, Caliborn. A beneficial soldier out-of each gender, with characteristics and characters each and every.”

Uranus is additionally are not on the Sailor Moon character of Teno Haruka, an enthusiastic androgynous lesbian character who is have a tendency to translated as being intersex and/or nonbinary because of becoming also known as “both a person and a female

Calliope is additionally an off-handed regard to Andrew Hussie’s abandoned artwork book, Whistles Volume You to definitely: This new Starlight Calliope; a frightening tale from an effective circus clown along with his misadventures in the a vicious circus underground, in which genocide, prostitution, and you can cannibalism facing clowns occurs.

Regardless if Andrew Hussie reported that he cannot worry how clients pronounce some thing when you look at the Homestuck, during the Greek myths, Calliope’s name is pronounced (kuh-lie-uh-pee) [k??la??pi?] though the ancient greek obvious they (kah-li-o-pay) [kali???p?:]. Of the circus pronunciation, it is (kAHl-ee-ohp) [?kali?p:].

Icon [ ]

Calliope’s symbol is a corner within caduceus (?), this new symbol of one’s Greek goodness Hermes, and pole off Asclepius (?; that’s otherwise known as the brand new Asklepios), the latter where being one of many two Ophiuchus symbols. By contrast, Caliborn’s talk icon is the most other, less frequent Ophiuchus symbol. Except that as being the live messenger of your own gods, Hermes was also the latest guardian regarding boundaries and the tourist which get across her or him. Asclepius, at exactly the same time, try good healer in the Greek mythology. As he died, he turned into the newest constellation Ophiuchus.

Certain mythological qualities of one’s caduceus was thematically suitable for Calliope, such as being able to “aftermath the new sleep and you will post the new conscious to sleep”, hence the thing is how two halves from a beneficial cherub option control over the body after they bed. It is reasonably said that this new rod can return the latest inactive to life, a suitable icon getting a nature later renewed by Ring out of Lifestyle.

Inside the United states, this new caduceus and you may Asklepios are usually puzzled for just one various other, where former is used so you can signify medical career, even though it is regularly represent commerce somewhere else. When you’re Calliope uses so it symbol, Caliborn uses japan-well-known symbol for Ophiuchus that’s a great tilde layered over the letter You, a conventionalized icon of a person carrying a snake. The newest tilde as well as is similar to Calliope’s phony horns, each of which often is similar to among the many entwined snakes. The woman sign may also be a few mature cherubs mating, because adult cherubs turn out to be serpents when you are mating. Further, their icon could well be translated merely because the a beneficial caduceus with no wings, exactly like exactly how Caliborn predominated ahead of their body you may write wings.

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